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National Show, Førde 15.10.2017 judge: Mrs Ann Long-Doyle

Silver Seraph, Exl, nr 2 open class
Rhapsody Romance VG, nr 3
Tennesse Triumph, VG.


Uma Undercover: BOS


National Show, Bergen 01.10. judge: Mr. Almgren

Rolls Royce Best of Breed, 3. Best in Show
Trysil Texas, 3. Best male
Another Heartbreaker 2. Best female
Swarovski Star, nr 2 open class, exl.


Utah Unique nr. 3.


National Show, Bergen. judge Mr. Luscott

Trysil Texas 2. Best male,
Rolls Royce 4. Best male
Swarovski Star 2. Best female
Another Heartbreaker, 3. Best female


Utah Unique nr 4. 


National Show in Trondheim, judge: Mr. Hjort.

Trysil Texas Best male
Trønder Turbo, 2. Best Male
Rolls Royce, 3. Best male
Texas Teddie, 2. Best bitch
Swarovski Star, 4. Best bitch, res Cac
Another Heartbreaker, nr 3 champ class cq
Olava Oladala exl, nr 4 champ class.

Cafrida Best in Show breeders class,


Club speciality in Switzerland.

Cafrida 3. Best in show breeders class

Nero Nebraska.  Best in Show male veteran
Trysil Texas, nr 3 intermed class
Swarovski Star, nr 4 intermed class
Rexie Royal, exl, not placed


Unique Urso, nr 3 3-6 mnths.


Since it has been such a long time since the last update, i  will just mention some of the things that has happened .

Ch Cafridas Nostalgic Nero Nebraska, Swiss veteran champion, NBSK Club veteran champion, several BOB veteran and BOS veteran. BOB veteran male Swiss Club show.
Ch Cafridas Rhythmic Rexie Royal, Swiss Champion, 2 x BOB int show in Swiss.
Ch Cafridas Rhythmic Rolls Royce, several BOB shows in Norway
Cafridas Sportic Swarovski Star, several CAC, placement in best bitch, and placement in intermed class in Swiss. 2. Swiss Cac.
Cafridas Terriffic Trysil Texas, several CAC in Norway, winner junior classes Club junior CAC, xray - AD 0 HD A
placement in best junior in Swiss
Cafridas Terrific Trønder Turbo, Several CAC in Norway. BOB, Xray, AD 0 HD A
Cafridas Terrific Texas Teddie, several CAC in Norway, BOS, Xray AD 0 HD A
Cafridas Terrific Tennesse Triumph, Exl, AD 0 HD A.
Ch Cafridas Olympic Olava Oladala, several cq, and placement in best bitch.
Cafridas Sportic Silver Shadow, Cac. Xray AD 0
Our Royal Chief No. 7 av Milkcreek,(Dennis) several Cac and placement in best male
Ch Another Heartbreaker av Milkcreek, cq, several placement in best bitch.
Cafridas Urbanic Unique Urso, 3. best puppy in Swiss speciality.

Texas and Dennis both sh-pretest B.


We got 3 puppies the 27 of March. 2 females and 1 male.  All the puppies are asked for.

Our Royal Cheif No 7 av Milkcreek HD A AD 0.


NKK Kr Sand:
Judge: Bo Wiberg, SE

Cafridas Nostalgic Nero Nebraska VG, nr 2 veteran
Our Royal Chief Av Milkcreek VG, nr 3 junior
Cafridas Sportic Swaovski Star, VG nr 3 junior


National show Letohallen 05.03.2017
Judge: Mr. Hindse

Nero BOB and O`Lexie BOS

Cafridas nostalgic Nero Nebraska, Best of breed, Best male veteran,
Cafridas Terrific Trysil Texas, 2. best male, Best of breed junior CAC
Our Royal Cheif No 7 Av Milkcreek, VG

Cafridas Terrific Texas Teddie, Exl, nr 1 junior class, CAC, BOS junior
Cafridas Terrific Trønder Turbo VG
Cafridas Terrific Tic-Tac Tahoe., VG


National show Letohallen 04.03.2017

Judge: Mrs. Vermeir


Cafridas Terrific Trysil Texas, Best of breed, Best of breed junior CAC
Our Royal Cheif No 7 Av Milkcreek, Exl, nr 2 in junior class
Cafridas nostalgic Nero Nebraska, Best male veteran, 3. best male
Cafridas Terrific Texas Teddie, Exl, nr 1 junior class, BOS junior
Cafridas Terrific Trønder Turbo VG
Cafridas Terrific Tic-Tac Tahoe., VG

Kennel Cafrida Best of breed breeders class, 2. best in show.


International show Bø 18 - 19/2 2017

Judge: Mrs. Marianne Holm, Finland


Cafridas Terrific Trysil Texas, 3. Best male and CAC!
Cafridas Sportic Swarovski Star, Exl, nr 2. intermed class
Our Royal Chief av Milkcreek, G
Cafridas Rhythmic Ragtime Reggae, G
Cafridas Rhythmic Rhapsody romaance, G

judge: Mr. Tast, Finland

Smalmyra`s S-M Leah, VG


Congratulations to Cafrida Rhytmic Ragtime Reggae and Mari-Ann.

Mostwinning obedience class 3 and total all classes Norwegian Bernese Mountainclub 2016


Puppyshow 29.01

Cafridas Terrific Trysil Texas BOS


Puppyshow 22.01 Trøndelag

Cafridas Terrific Texas Teddie BOB
Cafridas Terrific Trønder Turbo BOS


Letohallen 22.02.dommer. M. Johanson

Cafridas Nostalgic Nero Nebraska BOB veteran CQ
Our Royal Chief No 7 av Milkcreek, VG


Cafridas Terrific Trysil Texas BOS.


Letohallen 21.01. judge: M. Kipinia

Cafridas Nostalgic Nero Nebraska, BOB veteran
Our Royal Chiwef Av Milkcreek, VG


Cafridas Terrific Trysil Texas nr 2. male puppy


Sandefjord HK 15.01
 judge mr. de Lorenzo

Cafridas Nostalgic Nero Nebraska Best in show veteran, 2. best in show.

Nero  BOB
Our Royal Chief Av Milkcreek, 2. best male, Cac
Cafridas Sportic Swarovski Star, 2 best female, Cq


Cafridas Terrific Trysil Texas BOB, nr 3 in the group.


Sandefjord hundeklubb 14.01
Judge. Mr. Horswell

Cafridas Nostalgic Nero Nebraska, BIS veteran, BOS
Cafridas Sportic Swarovski Star, BOB, Cac

Our Royal Chief No 7 Av Milkcreek, BOS junior, Exl.


Cafridas Terrific Trysil Texas BOB


My dog Gøteborg

judge: Mr. Dan Ericsson.

Cafridas Nostalgic Nero Nebraska, BOS veteran, 3. best male, Crufts Qulaified

Cafridas Sportic Swarovski Star BOS junior,Cq Crufts Qualified

Cafridas Rhythmic Rhapsody Romance, Exl, Cq nr 2 open class


Judge Mr. Stanton

Cafridas Terrific Trysil Texas BOB
Cafridas Terrific Tennesse Triumph nr 3 in her class

Late News 2016

Cafridas Terrific Trysil Texas BEST IN SHOW puppy Int show Geneva

Cafridas Nostalgic Nero Nebraska 2. Best IN SHOW veteran. Int Show Geneva

Cafridas Jurassic Jazzy Jubile NEW SWISS VETERAN CHAMPION